MDMCT dreams of reaching out to the disadvantaged people through creating conducing environment for improved quality of life.



MDMCT strives to develop the competency of underprivileged through education, participation, advocacy and empowerment leading towards sustainable development and protection of the democratic values.

Core Values – Five D – Panchatatva:

Discipline: A well behaved manner that follows sincerity
Dedication: A complete commitment towards our work
Determination: A well planned learning process with deep earnestness
Devotion: A deep love towards the whole programme and activity
Desire: A cavernous wish with surety to meet the goal and being triumphant


  • To provide care and protection to children and to establish facilities for institutional care for such children in a family like environment
  • To promote education, both academic and vocational
  • To provide vocation education and personality development programmes in the needy areas
  • To provide counselling – personal, economical and emotional
  • To help the youth to set their goals according to their skills through counselling, orientation programmes, seminars and workshops
  • To promote SHG for rural folk, including women to empower them socially and economically
  • To promote gender equity and promotion of livelihood, micro finance and micro enterprises
  • To establish educational and vocational training institutes
  • To establish facilities for health care including hospitals and nursing training institutes